AliExpress IP Cameras – review of a bunch

post in progress. Will add sample images, ZoneMinder settings etc.

Not a comprehensive review, just an overview for me so I know which cameras I can buy again or recommend; and which ones I would avoid. I don’t care about any of the camera’s features as I am feeding the stream into ZoneMinder.

Security is not really a concern for me as I’ve created a separate group of objects in my router that is cut off the internet access so they cannot call home in any way. And man, do they try!

However if you are looking for a single camera packed with functionality (like iOS app and whatnot) that you may even want to expose on the Internet for remote access, I would suggest staying away from these Chinese devices.

But if you solely need a “network lens” that will stream image, read on.

Cameras are in the order as I bought them.

1. WiFI, IR, AC, 1280×960, $34

The first camera I bought, naively thinking WiFi is good enough for streaming (it is not). The image quality is terrible and it gets even worse at night when the IR filter rolls in – the image gets so blurry I can’t even read a license plate in my own parked car right under the camera.

This specific model is not even in stock anymore so I can’t find any details on the chip and sensor etc. but it doesn’t matter because I wouldn’t be buying again anyway.

FPS can be configured in the web UI.

2. IR, AC, FullHD, Revotek brand (ASDK Store)


Can’t confirm the model but they claim it’s I6032B-V200 that has a Hi3518E V200 chip + with 2363 sensor (Hi3518EV200+2363).

This camera is also not really good. Dynamic range is not the greatest (on sunny days sometimes the sun-lit part is blown and overexposed), but otherwise, the image quality is so-so good during the day, but it is shit-fuck grainy at night when running on IR light.

FPS can be configured within web UI.

Would not buy again and will be swapping it later for a better camera.

3. IR, AC, FullHD, Besder brand (Besder Official Store)


Little more expensive than the previous one, it was $29. It has a Hi3516C chip with an unknown sensor. The image is great. Except I got a faulty piece that has some sensor issues (sometimes). Funny thing is that it never happens while IR filter is on, only during daylight. At night the image gets a tiny bit grainy but it’s way better than the one above.

Has nice metal housing and the four IR LEDs look powerful. FPS can be limited.

3. Dome camera, IR, POE, FullHD, Misecu brand (Misecu Official Store)


Bought POE 1080p version with 3.6 mm lens (exact model as on the box: IPC-DM07-20SC).

The chip could be Hi3518 (Hi3518EV200), but hard to say. The seller has this in the data sheet for different Full HD camera (IPG-50HV20PES-S). The sensor is not specified.

However, the image quality is by far the best I’ve seen so far and there is no noise at night! During the day, the image is maybe a little over sharpened but nothing major. Being a dome camera it was a little finicky to get it positioned.

I would definitely consider buying this one again.

4. Regular camera, IR, POE, FullHD, Besder brand (Besder Official Store)

URL (Bought PoE 1080p version with 2.8 mm lens.)

Price: $25.27. Exact model: 6024PB-IP201.

Chip Hi3518EV200 with a 1/2.7″ SC2135 sensor.

For $25 this is the best value for money I’ve got so far. Image quality is very similar to the dome camera above, and it doesn’t seem to be as oversharpened. On default Medium quality setting there is visible compression in the stream, but it goes away when set to High.

5. Two pcs Revotek, one with Sony chip and one “regular”


Will update.

6. Dome 720p POE


Will update.

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