Windows 10 drivers for AMD 740G chipset (AMD Radeon 2100)

If you have tried to install Windows 10 on an older setup that runs on AMD 740G chipset (which includes ATI Radeon 2100 graphics), you might have run into the issue that Windows 10 are unable to locate proper drivers for this hardware; which makes them use their generic graphics adapter driver that is only able to run 1024×768 on this chip and not a pixel more.

Search no more, there are working drivers for this (both x64 and x86), but they are hard to find (well, if you are reading this, you already found them, but I went through quite some trouble).

I am in the Czech Republic and I have found a comment from someone saying they got it running through Win 7 x64 drivers for an MSI motherboard with this chipset (I tried bunch of drivers from Gigabyte, neither of them worked and one of them even bricked my whole setup). Well anyway, I went googling MSI and their website was down. Great, but it turned out it was not down, just their DNS settings are fucked up and their whole website just doesn’t really work from over here, so I had to teleport through my American VPS over VPN into the United States and ta-dah, after hours of trying I finally got me working drivers.

For future reference I am saving them here since I have a full office of PCs running on this chipset that I am slowly migrating to fresh install of Windows 10, because well… after running a Windows 7 instance for almost a decade, it’s time. :D

This was tested and definitely works on:

  • Gigabyte MA78…i don’t know exactly, rev. 3.0 (HW ID is PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_796E&SUBSYS_D0001458&REV_00 though)

Frankly, I don’t remember the exact source for these drivers, but they are from the MSI website for an MSI motherboard with 740G, so you can try to re-find them if you don’t trust this unknown blog with bunch of articles written in weird language running on basic WordPress. Though it does look more trustworthy than, donnit? No, seriously, I will try to eventually cite the proper source.

If this have helped you, please note in the comments which motherboard have you used with these drivers so other can find this easily as well:

Download drivers here: Radeon 2100 on AMD 740G chipset (Windows 10 both 32b and 64b).zip

How to install

  1. Go to the place where bunch of the hardware stuff is listed
  2. Locate something like „Graphics Adapter blablabla“
  3. Click right and click something like Update driver
  4. Point the system into the folder you unziped from the file above

(Ok, this probably wasn’t that much helpful but I suppose since you got all the way here that you know what to do)

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